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Beltons is a Xero Silver Partner and Xero is our prefered bookkeeping software.  We are also a Quickbooks Silver Pro-Advisor.   We have experience using a number of other bookkeeping and accountancy systems. These include, but are not limited to:


 Beltons - a paperless office and document exchange

 Beltons uses a Document Management System which enables us to considerably reduce the amount of paper we generate and store. 

In addition, we also use a web-based portal through which we can send out correspondence, tax and accounting documents. This portal allows our clients to digitally sign and return documents to us.

The benefits of the portal are:

  •  Enhanced security when sending documents containing personal details (more secure than regular e-mail)
  •  It’s faster and cheaper than posting documents both ways (so ideal when there is a deadline looming)
  •  Clients receive less paper from us – we’re saving the planet!!
  •  There will be a future opportunity for clients to store their own personal documents within the portal.

Initially the system only allows us to send documents to clients but at some point in the near future it will work both ways and clients will be able to send us your documents via the portal too.

In the meantime we are happy to use 'dropboxes' should clients prefer to provide us with documents that way.

Lastly, we realise that not everybody uses email / internet and that in some instances it will be more practical and acceptable to continue with paper, so we are happy to continue using the present system for those clients if they prefer.


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